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Festo Bali Christopher is guiding SOSUCCA through its current capacity building efforts and toward a strong and sustainable future for this growing organization. While excercising oversight on the day-to-day work of SOSUCCA, he guides the strategic efforts of the organization, and liaises with the Board of Directors. He also helps connect SOSUCCA to supporters, collaborators, and the broader fields of organization.


 SOSUCCA thrives in being a non-political and non profit-making organization that shall collaborate with the government in the national recovery and development effort.

SOSUCCA hinges on the need to develop marginalized communities through passing the knowledge of how to utilize the available resources and opportunities within their reach which in turn leads to their development in all spheres of life.

Bearing in mind the situation in South Sudan where rural communities lack basic services, SOSUCCA believes in undertaking community mobilization by working closely with the community and its leaders so as to understand the dynamics and structures within the community which in turn enables SOSUCCA to realistically build on the capacities and strengths of the community to find solutions to identified problems.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is highest governing body of SOSUCCA. It has over 20 members and meets annually. The General Assembly subscribes to the organisation. They are the founders and they elect the board of directors of the organisation.

Board appoints executive director of the organisation. They are the policy makers. They identify auditors both external and internal for the institutional auditing of SOSUCCA. SOSUCCA board shoulders the responsibility of raising fund for the organisation. Therefore, they only instruct the chief executive officer to implement their decisions. Board gives the feedback of the running of the organisation to the General Assembly (GA) through GA meetings. The GA meeting according to SOSUCCA’s constitution is done once after every two years.

According to SOSUCCA board calendar, the board meets on quarterly basis. The major aim of meeting is to see progress of the organisation and use affirmative action when organisation is not running well. Board also calls for the extraordinary meeting to deliberate on specific issues of concern or when the need arises.



SOSUCCA is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of 7 (5 men, 2 women) members. The board of Directors also serves as the trustees.

SOSUCCA board of directors delegates the implementation of decisions to the Executive director (CEO). This is called Executive Director in South Sudan Community Change Agency. ED then report to the board of directors the achievements, challenges, correction actions of the decisions implemented during the board meeting.

The director is the head of executive body of SOSUCCA. The implementation of programme activities is managed by the Programme Coordinator; the Coordinator supervises various programme departments. Therefore, it is the role of the officers in each department to execute the projects in line with the consultation with the programme coordinator. The reporting therefore starts from the officers, to the coordinator and therefore, the coordinator compiles the reports and submits it to the director. And the director takes it upon himself to disseminate to the relevant stakeholders.

The above thus explains how the delegation of authority is exercised in South Sudan Community Change Agency.

Executive Committee:

SOSUCCA Executive committee is the body responsible for day to day management of the organizational programs

SOSUCCA currently employs around 12 full time staff and 7 volunteers.


Annual Income

SOSUCCA annual income for the past three years is US$ 20,509, broken down as follows:

  • 2013  –   USD$ 5,474
  • 2014  –  USD$ 12,204
  • 2015   –   USD$ 75,084


  • SOSUCCA has established systems and written policies and procedures (constitution, and financial and personnel policies, asset, fundraising strategy communication policies, etc )
  • Proven ability of managing programmes for the past 6 years; and honoured by Youth Service America  for its work
  • Physical existence in terms of offices located on the ground, thus able to address the community issues as they arise.
  • SOSUCCA has capacity and competence to implement its project activities.
  • Strong networking with other NGOs and partners
  • Have strategy plan which guides its operations
  • Good financial management practices
  • Using quick book accounting soft ware,
  • Adequate communication system facilitating communication with partners
  • Ability and willingness to document past experiences and learn from both the good and bad practices.
  • Ability to mobilise funds locally to implement community projects
  • Dedicated committed Volunteers and Qualified staff
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